Zomer aan Zee

Design, Front-end Development & Wordpress

Toerisme Oostende’s Zomer aan Zee’s responsive website

The main goal of this responsive one-page website is to give visitors an overview of what Ostend, a major city at the seaside of Belgium, has to offer in the summer of 2014. There are ±30 events listed chronologically from upcoming to past, each one translated in Dutch, English, French and German. The easy-to-use WordPress CMS lets the site admin add and edit events. Optionally he or she can configure them as in-the-picture for specific time slots. These “sticky” events stay at the top of the page, no matter what.

An HTML5-audio-driven soundboard of ±20 fun clips spoken in the local dialect, which the visitor can play or download individually, and a Twitter & Instagram feed of posts tagged with #loveoostende give the website that extra touch.