Senne Van Den Bogaert

Web designer and developer.

Hi, I'm a web designer and developer from Antwerp, Belgium.
When I'm not busy building websites for clients, I run a music discovery community called HumanHuman. Send me a message at or give me a call at +32495948278.

Zomer aan Zee

Design, Front-end Development & Wordpress

Toerisme Oostende’s Zomer aan Zee’s responsive website

The main goal of this responsive one-page website is to give visitors an overview of what Ostend, a major city at the seaside of Belgium, has to offer in the summer of 2014. There are ±30 events listed chronologically from upcoming to past, each one translated in Dutch, English, French and German. The easy-to-use WordPress CMS lets the site admin add and edit events. Optionally he or she can configure them as in-the-picture for specific time slots. These “sticky” events stay at the top of the page, no matter what.

An HTML5-audio-driven soundboard of ±20 fun clips spoken in the local dialect, which the visitor can play or download individually, and a Twitter & Instagram feed of posts tagged with #loveoostende give the website that extra touch.

Admiral Freebee

Design, Front-end Development & Wordpress

Admiral Freebee’s latest release, The Great Scam, also marks the launch of a totally renewed personal website which I designed and developed.

The responsive one-page website starts off with a nifty scroll animation, playfully introducing the new album. Scrolling further down, the website shows an overview of Admiral Freebee’s latest news, videos, discography, upcoming concerts and contact information.

It’s so great to work with open-minded clients who are not afraid to create something risky and innovative. Thanks, Admiral!

Admiral Freebee intro with SVG animation

The new

Design & Front-end Development on a desktop and smartphone. by Poppunt is an important (if not the most important) music platform for upcoming bands in Belgium. As a longtime fan of the site, I’m honoured that I was part of a small and talented team that rebuilt from scratch.

For four exciting months my job was to come up with an entirely new responsive design and to provide robust, modern and lightweight front-end code.

I’m happy to say that the result is amazing. Not only did the community embrace the drastically renewed website with open arms, professionals in the music industry have called it a huge improvement over the old website, providing them with user-friendly and well-designed tools that they never could have imagined.


Design & Front-end Development on a desktop and smartphone.

Together with Artspot I built a new website for Erfgoedplus, a Flemish organization collecting and specializing in cultural heritage. I was responsible for the GUI design and front-end development.

From a mobile perspective the design has several remarkable features, but I’d like to talk about one I’m especially fond of: the mobile optimized in-page navigation.

On a wider display, the navigation for larger articles floats along at the right side of the page when you scroll down. A pretty standard behaviour which is familiar to most users. On a smaller display however, the navigation moves to the top and folds elegantly into an accordion of thin lines. While taking up almost no space, which is a good thing on mobile, the closed accordion still gives the visitor a hint that there are more pages for this article. When toggled open, the page titles appear and the visitor can easily switch to an other page. in-page navigation

Technically, the website doesn’t use large frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap or jQuery UI. Instead, a responsive layout is handcrafted and modules like the carousel on the homepage are custom coded with care. This way JavaScript is limited to a mere 55Kb and CSS to about 45Kb. Yes, that includes the vector icon font Font Awesome.

At average, a typical page on weighs less than 500Kb, including images. Mobile friendly indeed.

Jo Francken

Design, Development & Wordpress

Jo Francken on a desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Jo Francken, one of Belgium’s best producers, asked me to design and develop a new portfolio website that’s both very minimalistic and informative. With all kinds of devices emerging these days, it should be easy to use on every screen too.

The website features some well-thought-out responsive techniques. Headers, menus and content are optimized according to the visitor’s screen width and height: links are turned into buttons for touch screens, font sizes are adjusted for readability, menus become fixed for easier navigation, … The design strives to offer the best user experience on all devices.

Bandwidth is preserved for mobile devices with a slower data connection too. Besides the cover artwork for albums, no images were used in the design. Icons are drawn with CSS or displayed using the superb vector icon library Font Awesome. JavaScript and CSS are minimized of course. Every bit counts.

The website’s back-office runs on WordPress, making it super easy to update the highlights, blog and discography.

Het Gulden Cabinet

Design & Development

Designed for smartphone, tablet and desktop, this lightweight responsive website has all the information a visitor needs before, during and after his or her visit to the art exhibition The Golden Cabinet in Antwerp, Belgium.

The website features details about ±150 artworks, each presented in a very user friendly layout that’s tailored to all screen widths. Images are loaded “lazily” to preserve bandwidth on mobile devices, but are still optimized for high resolution displays to maintain high quality.

Users can mark artworks as their favorites and share them with friends. Users visiting from a desktop or a laptop can also upload a photo of their living room, kitchen or bathroom and decorate it with their favorite items from The Golden Cabinet.

A simple and intuitive back-office gives the museum the ability to edit content and view all favorites and decorated rooms.

Rondom Permeke

Design & Development

In the summer of 2012 I designed and developed an iPad museum guide for the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) for their exhibition Rondom Permeke.

Jongbloed! Rondom Permeke iPad app

I closely worked together with Jongbloed!, the youth crew of the museum, to define the aesthetics and features of the app. Fifteen people were involved in the project. We all shared our ideas and opinions on Basecamp, where I also posted my design and development progress.

Jongbloed! Rondom Permeke iPad app

Presented in a beautiful layout with gorgeous high resolution graphics, this iPad app takes the exhibition’s visit to the next level. Interactive elements such as slideshows, games and animations enrich the story behind the paintings even more.

Download it on the App Store and be sure to check out this promotional video.